Why You Should Automate Wellness!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


If most of my wellness attempts are automated I am much more likely to do them. This understanding has really become true for me and became a pattern I noticed the last couple of years. As marriage, little kids, owning a business all took their slice of the pie, the room left for self care and wellness began to narrow. I started to notice that the wellness practices I automated were the ones I stuck with. So I automated more. And things became easier and easier. It kept me on track. I was more well, period. Even though we don’t want to admit it…if left to our own devices we may never quite rise to our own potential in the wellness arena. We need help. We need reminders. We need auto-ship. Check out the top things we automate in our household to keep us on a wellness regimen…

  1. Workouts – I have been through all of them. The gym, home workout programs..you name it. Nothing has kept me on track and feeling good as much as personal training has the last year. I do it two times a week at $60 a week and I notice it makes me want to work out on my off days. I am not going to stand up my trainer. I am paying for it. Plus, he pushes me farther than I would push myself. It’s expensive you say. Well so is cancer. So are your Tori Burch shoes. I made a trade off. Less expensive shoes. More personal training. I feel better and it keeps me on track.
  2. Non-toxic Products and Essential Oils with my monthly doTERRA order – Thank heavens for the monthly doTERRA order that hits my door. Every month I get an email. Its time to update your order. A reminder. My doTERRA month order is one stop shop for me for non-toxic personal care products, soap, cleaning products and of course the essential oils that we use to keep our family healthy and solve our most common problems from sleep disruption to immune support to healthy digestion to stress. It has completely eliminated CVS/Walgreens runs for the last 3 years and has contributed more to our wellness than anything else.
  3. Vitacost or an online grocery store like Thrive – Yep. Automate that. Every month my vitacost order with our most frequently used pantry goods shows up. Its the healthy staples our family eats that I don’t want to have to think about! Nuts, oats, gf crackers, raisins, vegetable broth, gf pasta, ghee, seeds, dry beans, rice and I could go on. These keeps me from having to think about staples when I do my grocery shopping for cold items. And yes you could take it one step further with amazon fresh. Done. To your door. Free shipping and usually cheaper prices than you will find in the grocery store.
  4. A weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) preferably organic – yep automate that. Because every week it keeps you in the habit of eating fresh, local produce that is seasonal. We know that seasonal eating supports our body through the changing of the seasons and we know getting our food local is more fresh because it hasn’t sat in transit for five days a week. Most communities now have them because of the their popularity and local farms are popping up more and more in every area. It keeps you accountable to that fresh produce. Again you pay for it so you are less likely to ditch it whereas when you are shopping the grocery store aisles you may be tempted to load up on mindless carbs instead of fresh produce. It has been a great way to keep our family healthy.
If you haven’t considered adding these automated wellness aspects to your life you should as you wind up this year and consider the things you may do differently next year to improve your wellness routine!!

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