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Turn your love of wellness and natural products into a thriving wellness business.

Becoming an advocate for wellness is as easy as talking to your best friend about your favorite book.  We’re all looking for ways to become healthier, feel better, and take care of our families. As you experience our favorite wellness products, and learn about their benefits, it becomes almost impossible not to share your excitement.

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Create Income

Earn an income that meets your particular needs. There are no guarantees in this area, just an opportunity to create unique partnerships with our favorite supplement brands. Every wellness provider has varying income. Disclaimer! Please note here we don't guarantee any income. Your business is yours and your income as always depends on your efforts.

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A Flexible Lifestyle

A core value on our Organic South team is freedom. Freedoms that relate to time, income, personal growth and who we work with. Live anywhere you want, choose your own hours, and take time off when you need it.

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Comprehensive Support for your Business

Our team will help you grow a successful business for yourself, not BY yourself. Our educational materials have been created by the medical professionals on our team, ensuring amazing results for the wellness community you create, and for the business you build.

The wellness products we love are the perfect compliment to an already established wellness business.

Connect with other wellness professionals on our team for ways to incorporate oils into your practice. You can elevate the wellness you’re already bringing to your clients while you create another revenue stream so you can remain in business.

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Massage Therapist
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Yoga + Pilates Studio
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Midwife, Doula, Nurse
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Physical Therapist
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Health Coach
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Certified Nutritonist
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My Story With doTERRA Eliza

My Story with a Wellness Based Business....

The opportunity to guide people out of sickness and into wellness is one of the greatest honors of my life. I have been able to help so many people learn and incorporate all things I love in wellness. It has brought a level of flexibility and passion to my life that I could have never imagined. One of my favorite things to do is help other practitioners find ways to improve or start a wellness based business too!

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Extra Income Every Month

Earning extra income as a small business owner can be a big deal! It can be the difference between being profitable and not being profitable! We love to help you find ways to optimize your business so you can keep serving others! Disclaimer! Please note we don't guarantee any income. Your efforts determine success in business

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Flexibility For My Family

We have the flexibility to work on a schedule that suits our family of 5. While our kids are little, it’s important for us to spend as much quality time with them as possible - it goes so fast!

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Building My Business Abroad

We have the ability to work from anywhere in the world. We took a year abroad as a family and now enjoy living all over the world! Follow our travels on Instagram!

It's Important to Join The Right Team

Choosing the right team is the most important decision you’ll make. The Organic South owes its success to our members who are medical professionals and wellness leaders. We are continually creating ongoing science-based curriculum to support our team and our clients. We are committed to your continued growth and success, both personally and professionally.
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Guided by Medical Professionals

The Organic South team includes nurses, doctors, therapists and wellness professionals who have years of experience in both western medicine and alternative medicine. These professionals have turned their focus to wellness and with their mentorship you’ll be able improve your own well-being and become a knowledgeable resource for your customers.

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Earn Extra Income

Your wellness business is based around helping clients achieve their wellness goals. You can earn income by fee for service for wellness coaching and for the products that you offer them!

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Wellness Professionals

Many of our team members already run successful practices and have added wellness products to their offerings. They guide our new members with tips on how to incorporate these tools into existing businesses like health coaching, massage therapy, acupuncture etc.

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Customer Retention Rate

Because of the educational resources and support our team provides, our customers see dramatic changes in their health, and become enthusiastic doTERRA users. This creates a high retention rate - the backbone of a residual income business in wellness is making sure your customers are happy!

New Members

Welcome To Our Team

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Wholesale Discount
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Wellness guide for our products
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Samples +  User Guide
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Free Access to wellness protocol eBooks by Eliza
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Access to 8 series continuing education course with free gift upon completion
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Access to private facebook group with 24/7 question and answer response
New Members

Consultation With Eliza

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30-minute virtual call
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Discuss your top 3-5 wellness goals
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Supplement protocols corresponding to wellness goals
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Printed copy of recommended protocols
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Overview of the wellness products you selected

Team Support

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Like-minded group of professionals
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Courses, Guides, Mentorship
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Business meetings with Eliza
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Personal Development opportunities
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Business building system that directs you step by step on how to build the business
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Online classes for potential customers
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Fun!! We are like a big family! We enjoy spending time together every year at our annual conference and we have a blast together! Joining us means you join a unique community of women who lift each other up!
"Being a part of The Organic South Professional Team has been a blessing in disguise. Upon starting my business, the importance of team culture was not even on my radar due to my lack of business understanding. I can genuinely say the reason I have been successful in my business because of the team culture created by our Leadership.  I am happy to call each member of Freedom Team a member of my family."
Aryn nolan
"Being a part of Freedom Team has brought about EXTREME personal growth for me. Eliza and the other leaders on the team freely share their heart, knowledge and experiences. This has encouraged me (and pushed me at times) to step outside my comfort zone and really go after life. I am so much more confident in my ability to build and sustain a business and share my passion with my community."
ashlee j
"Working with Eliza on the Freedom Team with has been such an incredibly empowering experience. She is such an amazing leader, friend, and mentor. Getting to learn from her and alongside her on how to grow a successful business has been such a blessing to my life. It has been a blessing not only financially but also has helped me learn so much more about myself as well as how to lead well."
Kristen Sarah T

Nervous to Start? It's OK!

The Organic South team is here to guide you every step of the way! If you are coachable, capable, committed to wellness & your own personal growth, and motivated to guide others, you’ll make an amazing wellness leader.

"I don't feel like I know enough about these tools to guide anyone else..."

Our team is here to educate you. The Organic South team is made up, in large part, by medical professionals who have years of experience in both western medicine and alternative medicine. These professionals have turned their focus to essential oils and are here to educate you. With their guidance you’ll be able improve your own well-being and become a knowledgeable guide for your customers.

“I don’t think I can help anyone...”

Helping is our biggest value. Our goal is to help others achieve their wellness goals. All you have to do is start by helping one person and that is usually the first step!

“I’m nervous that I’ll start a wellness business and then won’t succeed...”

Success is defined differently by everyone. We help you start by defining what success looks like to you. If you want to join us then success really needs to incorporate helping others! All your other desires outflow from that. We love to partner with you to figure out what your dreams and desires are and how to make that happen for you!

Ready To Get Started?

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It’s important to me that you feel confident in starting a business with wellness and my Organic South team. Join my weekly meeting where I answer all your questions about the business. We chat about money, time commitment, and what comes next once you join. I answer all your burning questions about building a business with us.

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Email me or Message Above

Use the button above or this link, to message me or email me at

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Add It To Your Calendar

Once we connect we will set up a meeting to see if this is a good fit for you!

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If it's not right for you....

Don’t worry. We want the right people and we want you to have the right opportunities. If it doesn't feel right for you we are still happy to help you with your health goals!

Wellness eBooks

- These protocols and instructional one-sheeters can help you get unstuck when you feel like you can't move forward with sleep support, anxious feelings, and other issues. -

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