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Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for theraputic benefit! When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the nose directly to the limbic system- the emotional center of the brain.

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Your skin can easily absorb the molecular structure of essential oils and the benefits can be felt in a matter of moments!  A drop or two of wintergreen oil can help to relax tight muscles and lavender added to a bath creates a soothing soak.

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Used carefully, and with the guidance of a professional, certain essential oils of the highest quality can be injested.

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Essential Oils For Every Day

Essential Oils can be used in your day to day living. When you join the Organic South Community you gain access to our essential oil education materials. We want you to feel confident in all the ways you can use essential oils to enhance your life.

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Emotional Wellness
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Cleaning Your Home
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Skin Care
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Weight Management
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Beauty Routine
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Getting Started Using Essential Oils

Be a part of the Organic South community. Make friends and get involved with a community focused on wellness. Learn from our team of experts as we share the many ways for you to use essential oils.
I began working with Eliza in January 2018 after a two-year ordeal needing more support for my skin. Unfortunately many visits for other solutions had resulted in nothing more than lots of interventions (with equally huge side effects), allergy tests that couldn’t ever find the problem, and one very frustrated and sad “me”. I began by using a natural regimen topically & internally while simultaneously doing Whole30 nutrition program to re-set my gut and the results after a few months were astounding--clear legs, clear elbows, and one very satisfied client. I recommend Eliza to anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness!”
Rachel R.
"Hello! This is Dr. Lord! I am totally honored to say a couple things about working with Eliza. Speaking as a doctor myself, Eliza has excellent skills at helping her client narrow in on what they need coupled with the ability to educate her clients on the best ways to use essential oils to support the body. Her detailed manner in dealing with clients and business owners is the best. Eliza is the kind of practitioner I want in my life and working with me at my studio, Studio13 in Serenbe."
Dr. Julie L
"I started using essential oils a few years ago because I wanted to try something more natural and holistic to help my family. I had been following Eliza’s journey with doTERRA and her new business, The Organic South.  I began with the on guard collection for staying healthy and lavender to aid my sleep as well as my young babies. I was impressed with how effective lavender was with supporting my sleep as well as skin support, tension and the list goes on. My family has embraced the oily life and when an issue arises in our family they ask what oil to use. Eliza is so knowledgeable on the body and health. Her passion for helping others on their journey shines through her business."
Dana B.
"Thinking back to November of 2017, I had the privilege of  meeting Eliza Bacot at a class she conducted at White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GA.  The moment I met her, I knew that she was someone who genuinely cared about people, their problems, and helping them find solutions.  The essential oils and other doTERRA products she recommended to me back then are still ones I use today.  To be able to take care of my home and family with natural products has been such a blessing. Eliza is always available to offer encouragement and advice in a loving manner.  She truly cares for the people she introduces to DoTerra and it shows!  I don't know where I would be without her!"
Debbie M.

Setting You Up For Success

When you sign up as a new doTERRA member under The Organic South, you get these FREE resources and gifts to get you started!
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Welcome Packet

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Wholesale Discount
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Wellness guide with doTERRA products
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Samples + Essential Oils User Guide
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Free Access to wellness protocol eBooks by Eliza
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Access to 8 series continuing education course with free gift upon completion
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Access to private facebook group with 24/7 question and answer response

Consultation with Eliza

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30-minute virtual call
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Discuss your top 3-5 wellness goals
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Essential oil + supplement protocols corresponding to wellness goals
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A printed copy of recommended protocols
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An overview of the essential oils you purchased in your kit
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Step-By-Step To Getting Started


Enroll With Me

Click the ENROLL WITH ME button above - a new tab on your browser will open up where you can enroll under my name.


Choose Your Kit

This is the fun part. Choose the kit that's right for you! My two favorite enrollment kits are below.

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Healthy Start Kit

This is one of my favorite kits because it has the top ten oils that can solve most problems in your home + it comes with a cute diffuser that is great for home and travel!

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Healthy Home Enrollment Kit

This is a great kit for the top ten oils + home non-toxic products + personal care products + a cute diffuser for home and travel!


Schedule Your Consultation

After you've check checkout out, come right back here and email me to schedule your 30-minute consultation. We can talk through your new kit, and I'll build a customized protocol for your needs.

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Are you interested in doTERRA essential oils? Do you have questions?

Make sure to connect with me below on my social sites to get all your questions answered! I look forward to supporting you on the journey!

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Start your healthy lifestyle

Once we complete your consultation and tailor your order to your wellness needs you will receive a welcome packet in the mail from me with a free guidebook on using oils and samples of my favorite products!

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