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Shoutout Atlanta
Meet Eliza Bacot: Nurse Practitioner, Certified Wellness Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Eliza talks about lessons she's learned from building her business with The Organic South, and chat's about her favorite places to go around Atlanta.

doTERRA Leadership Magazine
Gleaning Gold From The Journey

Eliza and her husband Benton are featured in doTERRA’s leadership magazine about their success in building their business and how educating others on essential oils opened up a whole new avenue for their lifestyle and their business.

Birmingham Magazine
Visit this self-sustaining Georgia community for a taste of the simple life

Eliza gets a chance to sit down with Julia Sayers of Birmingham Magazine to discuss wellness and how her wellness lifestyle in Serenbe even impacted her career transition from healthcare to a wellness business.

Time Magazine – Wellness Edition - February 2019
Interview with Time Magazine

Eliza is interviewed by Time Magazine about how relationships in her community, Serenbe, has enriched her life and how where they live has impacted her wellness! Grab a copy!

Voyage Atlanta
Meet Eliza Bacot of The Organic South in Serenbe

Eliza is interviewed about the real journey from nurse practitioner to wellness entrepreneur. She shares the real truth about the ups and the downs of the journey.

CLAD - October 2018
Living The Dream

Eliza Bacot shares the value of community in healthy living and how she is Living the Dream in Serenbe. Article on page 44.