Support your body with Oregano

Monday, September 14, 2020

Oregano oil has been a game changer in our house. It’s great to help with upper respiratory discomforts, skin issues and to promote a healthy immune system. Look at all the benefits!

Oregano Essential Oil Benefits:

  • Supports the healthy immune function
  • Supports the feet for itching (make sure to dilute with fractionated coconut oil)
  • Supports the digestive system against unwanted invaders
  • Supports the respiratory system in a steam mug (only 1-2 drops)
  • Supports the body with antioxidants

How to use: Be sure to always dilute oregano oil with a carrier oil. It is considered a “hot” oil meaning it is very potent and can cause a burning sensation or skin irritation without dilution. A great way to use this oil for immune support is applied topically to the feet during times when the feet or nails need extra support or when you need an immune boost. Another great way to incorporate this into your wellness, immune boosting routine is to add it to a sauce for a meal towards the end of cooking. Only one drop is necessary not only to provide an amazing aroma to your meal but to also provide the oil benefits to your body! Contact me if you would like more information about oregano oil and what I brand I trust on my family and myself!

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