My Top Five Must Haves for Traveling Well

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Traveling always presents a unique challenge for our immune and digestive systems. New places, new germs, sometimes closed in poorly ventilated places like airplanes. Everyone knows that traveling is a time when we are susceptible to all kinds of illness. We also typically eat a variety of foods we don’t normally have in our diet which can lead digestive discomforts. My top five must haves to stay well when traveling are centered around immune and digestive support and sleep that are absolute necessities when traveling and have saved me a 1000times when I needed them!!

I hope these tips help you travel well! Check out my instagram highlights for even more traveling well tips! Bon Voyage!

  • OnGuard Softgels and Beadlets - The on guard essential oil blend from doTERRA is an absolute must for travel. With a blend of high antioxidant oils like cinnamon and clove that help protect us from threats I recommend take one soft gel daily for three days before travel and one daily three days after travel. The beadlets are only a quarter of a drop of oil and I use these in my mouth when on a plane or train station! They are a quick easy way to receive essential oils
    internally and you can use them multiple times per day when traveling!
  • Mary Ruth’s Immunity Gummies - A few studies report the importance of taking elderberry prior to travel and its ability to reduce severity of illness. I love these gummies because they hit the key areas we need supplementation for immune support. They have elderberry, echinacea, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and they are vegan without sugar!! I take three twice daily when I travel! Add them to your Amazon Cart from my store.
  • OnGuard Hand Sanitizer - This is an absolute must and its my favorite non-toxic hand sanitizer. It has the required > 60% alcohol for germ killing but also packs the on guard blend of essential oils to up the microbe killing power! We use this like crazy when we travel and the bonus is it smells amazing!
  • Digestzen softgels by doTERRA - These are LIFE CHANGING! They are a blend of ginger, peppermint, caraway, coriander, fennel and anise seed oils to help promote healthy digestion. Take two as needed for an upset stomach when traveling. They work on the entire digestive tract!
  • Serenity softgels by doTERRA- Sleep is one thing that can be disturbed during travel and this greatly affects your immune system. I take two or three of these to help promote sleep when I am sleeping somewhere new or lets face it when I feel stressed during a flight or travel I take one to relax! These are awesome too if you have a fear of flying and need to take the edge off in a natural way!

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