An Experiment That Could Impact Your Emotional Wellness

Saturday, August 29, 2020

I was the most reluctant to believe essential oils actually held the power to change my mood or my emotions. But one day during a particularly stressful day working in the ICU I had happened to wear my diffuser necklace with a powerful uplifting oil blend. I found myself routinely raising the necklace to my nose realizing the smell actually made me feel better about the tense patient situation I was handling.

I remember walking out of the hospital that day and thinking, “wow I actually handled that pretty well today.”

I didn’t really connect the dots until I came home and showered and took off my necklace. I realized later that night as I reached down to smell my necklace that I actually was craving the scent. Sounds hokey huh?! I know. I am a science person and I wanted proof. So I began to go back to the studies of the limbic system, our emotional brain, and really began to understand how our sense of smell actually has the power more than any other sense to impact our feelings, our behavior and our overall mood! Stressful job? Busy mom of toddlers? Running a business? Boom the answer to momentarily relieve stress, anxious feelings and feelings of sadness that we all experience from time to time.

Still don’t believe me?

Do your own experiment. Gather some of the amazing emotional blends by doTERRA (if you don’t know how to get them feel free to contact me and I will help you get started and guide you in the process), download the instructions to this personal experiment and track your mood and emotions in the tracking log.

What if better management of your mood and emotions is the missing piece to improving your wellness and reducing your stress hormones in your body?!


Emotions Tracking Log:

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