A Healthy Resolution

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

A Resolution. “A firm decision to do or not do something or the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.”

Why do we embark at the beginning of each year to set resolutions? And why do the majority of us fail to achieve or complete them? I haven’t been much of a resolution girl myself in the past. Most resolutions center around an obscure, broad goal. “I want to lose weight” or “I want to go the gym” etc and since I have always been concerned throughout the entire year with living a healthy lifestyle I didn’t quite see the point in making some grandiose resolution that I may not adhere to anyway. But something important to point out is that if thought out with purpose, resolutions can be a defining decision to alter the course of your path in one way or another. After all, our mind is the most powerful resource we have and if we believe we can achieve something we will.

A few years ago, I believed strongly about some changes that needed to happen around our house. I had a really broad goal but I knew it was too much to accomplish in one day. I knew I had a lot of unhealthy chemicals in our home used for cleaning and other purposes and I knew there were healthier alternatives.

So I set a resolution at the beginning of the year, “This year I will rid my home of all the potential toxins related to cleaning and beauty products.” But that was just too broad and not really attainable.

That’s the problem with many resolutions and why so many people fail at them. You have to make them intensely specific and attainable. So I narrowed in on the goal and broke it down. I knew it would be too overwhelming to perform a home detox over two days and I would likely quit. So I set my resolution like this: Every month I will choose one chemical cleaner, soap, beauty product and I will research and replace it with a healthy, natural alternative. So I began…January was dishwashing liquid, February was trashing the stainless steel cleaner, March was the body soap, April was hand soap and so on. And this went on month by month by month.

And do you know what’s amazing? My resolution from three years ago is still ongoing.

Every month I research a product and find a healthy alternative. Who knew that lemon essential oil was a fabulous degreaser and works amazing to clean stainless steel! And now I am so proud to say we have a really healthy home and I feel completely confident in the natural products I use around my family and myself!

Resolution obtained!

The real point of a resolution is to make that goal not only achievable and highly specific but something that is so positive it represents lasting change in your life that you truly desire. Isn’t that the point?

To be changed. To be better.

To keep improving every year and as the time ticks on, we become more in line with our true self and what we want for our life. Every year we should be finding ways to improve ourselves and most often this trickles positively to the people around you. So in an indirect way having resolutions that we obtain can affect the people around us in a positive way.

The key to making resolutions this year is becoming crystal clear on the goal and making it very specific. Set deadlines that are attainable and share with others so they may hold you accountable. Having an accountability partner in a resolution is invaluable. My husband was mine when we did our slow home detox. I hope this helps you narrow in on an achievable resolution you can set this new year to becoming the better you!! Comment below if you would love to see more about my home detox plan!

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